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Here is another example of a knife made for collectors that is very difficult to find and very expensive when you do find one. The perfect circumstances for a reproduction knife. Marketed as a repro and marked as such these knives will end up on a table at a show with the markings removed and asking for big bucks. Below are some detailed photos of the prototype knife, be warned. These are pretty large files so click on the thumbnails and wait a bit.

Repro_SOG_1986.JPG (1254535 bytes)    SOG_MRL.JPG (1219418 bytes)    Sog_mrl1.JPG (1284606 bytes)    Sog_mrl3.JPG (1133092 bytes)    Sog_mrl2.JPG (1224758 bytes)    Sog_mrl3a.JPG (1136076 bytes)    Sog_mrl3b.JPG (1121156 bytes)    Sog_mrl3c.JPG (1299859 bytes)    Sog_mrl4.JPG (1121203 bytes)    Sog_mrl4a.JPG (1152658 bytes)    Sog_mrl5.JPG (1142601 bytes)    Sog_mrl6.JPG (1242598 bytes)    Sog_mrl6a.JPG (1254111 bytes)    Sog_mrl6b.JPG (1360838 bytes)    Sog_mrl6c.JPG (1359482 bytes)    Sog_mrl6d.JPG (1161006 bytes)    Sog_mrl6e.JPG (1281426 bytes)   

If you see a SOG knife with an indentation in the ricasso walk away quickly, that is a sure sign the markings were removed. Look for signs of tampering with the pommel also, it is lightly stamped India back there. The stone pocket has the typical Indian starburst peening around the male snap. All are dead giveaways to this repro.


SOG Parker 001.JPG (66774 bytes)    SOG Parker 002.JPG (85255 bytes)    SOG Parker 003.JPG (60907 bytes)    SOG Parker 004.JPG (84921 bytes)    SOG Parker 005.JPG (91220 bytes)    SOG Parker 006.JPG (51235 bytes)

SOG Made by Parker


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