This is a place where you can place a want ad. We see auction sites and sales sites all over the 'net, well this page is dedicated to the buyer. No cost involved, just send us what you are looking for and we will post it here for you along with your e-mail address so the seller can contact you direct. You work your own deal.

  1. We buy used military knife and bayonet books. Top dollar paid for nice examples of classics. trz123@comcast.net

  2. Original World War Two Care Tag from Union Cutlery Company that came with the Ka-Bar Mark-2 trz123@comcast.net

  3. Will consider any and all Theatre handled Mark -2 bladed knives.  trz123@comcast.net

  4. Always seeking original or copied documents on military knives, bayonets, machetes. Tell me what you have. trz123@comcast.net

  5. Old Photos with soldiers, sailors, Marines wearing or holding knives or bayonets. trz123@comcast.net

  6. Western 8" Fighting knife as shown in Coles Book III Pg. 63 far right. trz123@comcast.net

  7. Any government issue Mark-2's in original packaging with original markings. trz123@comcast.net

  8. Early model Stevenson pocket knife wanted with Robeson style can opener and fine checked handles. noyes247@Bellsouth.net

  9. I am interested in obtaining all items originally manufactured for Martial use by the Utica Cutlery Company (including the Kutmaster marked items). This includes knives, bayonets, periodicals, books, etc.  jpalmieri58@hotmail.com 

  10. Copy of U.S. Military Knives Bayonets and Machetes Book IV by M.H. Cole (Cole Book IV) trz123@comcast.net

  11. Wanted: Good scabbard for a L.F&C. 1917 knuckle knife BGB928@aol.com

  12. Wanted: any fighting knives made by R.W. Loveless during the Delaware period (1954-1959).  I will consider other Delaware knives (i.e. hunters, utility, etc.) and fighters marked "Loveless / Johnson".  I'm also looking for fighters by Scagel, Richtig and Moran.  Subhilt6@aol.com 

  13. I collect all manner of memorabilia relating to WW2 British Commandos, United States Army Rangers, Airborne, Paratroopers, Marine Corps & Marine Raiders, and other Elite Units.  Mainly looking for the following in excellent or better ORIGINAL condition, no reproductions please!
    1)  Commando Knives (Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife)
    2)  Other Edged Weapons (BC-41 Knuckle Knife & Smatchet)
    3)  Caps, Berets, & Bonnets
    4)  Uniform Shoulder Titles, Arches, Insignia, Ranger Diamonds
    5)  Sleeve Badges
    6)  Cap Badges
    7)  Original Photos, Letters
    8)  Other misc. items as well
    9)  American M3 Trench Knives, OSS Stiletto, Case V-42, Case Stiletto, Marine Raider Stiletto, Randall Knives- Model 1 & 2 including Vietnam, John Ek, Mk.1 &  MK2 Navy & USMC Fighting Gerber Mk.2's, and most others as well.
    JOHN S. FISCHER jsfischer1@aol.com 

  14. American military knives, issue and private purchase in identified Special Forces Groups from Vietnam. Have several SOG knives and fine on bolos but need a nice Randall as well as SF presentation knives. E-mail me at:   wartime@wartimecollectables.com Thanks Andrew Lipps

  15. I am looking to obtain the Fourth Marine Division Ka-bar Commemorative issued by the American Historical Foundation in the 1970's. This knife is part of a six division collection we are trying to complete. Email John at: tomar@primelink1.net  

  16. I'm still looking for a Vietnam Navy Commemorative M7 bayonet with Case by Imperial. Also, a Philippine M7 and scabbard would be nice. K75thranger@AOL.com

  17. I'm looking for the Gerber Display Plaque that came out at the time of the release of the 20th Anniversary Mark II knives. Being UK based there weren't any released here. I'm after one. Also after any memorabilia related to the Gerber II knives, unusual accessories, etc. 
    Also, I'm interested in the reproduction V-42 knife made by HG Long of Sheffield. These were sold in the USA, mainly through the US Cavalry store I believe.
    Finally, I am interested in ANY data/blueprints on the WW2 M6 scabbards; ESPECIALLY the "staple" used by 3 of the makers that had a diamond/coffin shape to it. (Also seen inside binocular case lids, etc.) Need a maker of these staples/their correct terminology, etc. mooreleather@yahoo.co.uk 
  18. Would like to acquire an EDMF knuckle guard grip for the MPBS M9 bayonet, or M9 with guard already installed. Also any interesting M9 bayonets; USMC examples are of particular interest.
    Thanks. Contact Fred M. pwcosol@prodigy.net

  19. Wanted: Gerber Mark II Combat Knife, circa 1969 (not serrated), grey
    handle, black leather sheath. they shot mine up in Viet Nam, and I
    would like to replace it. cascade@gwtc.net

  20. I am looking for an original USMC ww2 sheath for the aluminum handled stiletto in excellent or better condition. Any of the variations will do.  steveleverington@hotmail.com

  21. Wanted E.W. Stone knives - Original, Theatre and Anniversary  georgejmpd@yahoo.com 

  22. I am looking for examples of Hospital Corps Knives #9 and #10 as illustrated in Cole III. Being and entry level collector I am not looking for perfection but a reasonable example of each. Scabbards not required. Thanks Very Much Bill. wca58@comcast.net 

  23. Wanted V-42 scabbard in Excellent condition, eith the long FSSF version or the short Navy Type. Price is no object. Miguel Hughes hughesbuildserv2@aol.com 

  24. US Mess Kit Knives with markings RIA 1907 or RIA 1912 Dick Boyd HRB1JLB2@bellsouth.net

  25. Wanted to buy Reproduction Western Cutlery W31 USMC Paramarine Knife billkapsalis@core.com

  26. COLLECTIONS WANTED:  Collections of U.S. Military Knives--big or small (even 1 good piece).  Gerber Mark II, Nguyen Dan, Randall, Richtig, Scagel, V42, Ek, Rocklin, Taylor Huff, knuckle knives, Ruana, Mark 2, M3 trench knives, L. Baker, Everitt, Shipley, OSS stiletto, etc.  mbrice@stcroixblades.com

  27. Wanted: Nguyen Dan Knives from the Vietnam era.  Also interested in photos and stories of Dan and his knives..  Cash paid…Contact: David at davidm_67@yahoo.com


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